5 Of The World’s Most Beautiful And Expensive Jewels.

5 Of The World’s Most Beautiful And Expensive Jewels.

'In both business and personal life, I've always found that travel inspires me more than anything else I do. Evidence of the languages, cultures, scenery, food, and design sensibilities that I discover all over the world can be found in every piece of my jewellery.'

Ivanka Trump

I bet Ivanka would have loved to have got her hands on some of these beauties!

Here are five of our favourite masterpieces in jewellery design....they happen to be five of the most expensive items in the world...... a girl can dream!

Briolette Diamond Necklace

The Briolette Diamond Necklace is a a truly beautiful design with a perfect briolette diamond as its centre piece. This diamond weighs more than 75.36 carats!

There are many other briolette diamonds of smaller sizes in this necklace, all set on a chain of white gold weighing 18 carats. The chain length is adjustable. The expected price at auction was approximately $8.5-12.5. Selling at $11.1 million made it one of the most expensive jewellery pieces in the world.

Briolette Diamond Necklace by Angeliques Jewellers.


Emerald and Diamond Tiara

The tiara was commissioned in 1900 by the German Prince, Guido Count von Hencke.  It was a gift from him to his second wife, Princess Katherina Henckel von Donnersmarck. It is said to have previously belonged to the wife of Napoleon the III of France. Legend says that the 11 rare emerald pear-shaped drops may have belonged to a Maharajah. It was sold at a cost of $12.7 million at the Sotheby’s Magnificent and Noble Jewels sale, reportedly for $2 million more than the original price.

Emerald and Diamond Tiara  by Anglique's Jewellers


Heart of the Kingdom

One of the longest standing and  respected jewellery companies, Garrard, produced one of the most expensive items in the world: the Heart of the Kingdom. Last valued at $14 million. The necklace features an incredible Burmese ruby of 40.63 carats, shaped like a heart. It is an extremely rare ruby, and is mounted on a 155 carat diamond necklace, decorated with 150 diamonds. The ruby is complete with paperwork from a Swiss laboratory, certifying the authenticity and rarity of the gem. This beautiful piece can be transformed into a tiara, as well.

Heart Of The Kingdom By Angelique's Jewellers


Heart of the Ocean

The Heart of the Ocean is one of the best known pieces of jewellery in the world. It is the original replica of the exquisite necklace featured in the movie, Titanic. It was worn at the 1998 Academy Awards by Gloria Stuart, the actress in the role of Rose in old age. The well-known jeweller Harry Winston created the piece with a real blue diamond of 15 carats. Valued to be $20 million, the necklace is one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery worn to the Oscars. Even its imitations sell for $3.5 million at auctions, partly because of it's symbolism.

Heart Of The Ocean by Angelique's Jewellers.


Bulgari Two-Stone Diamond Ring

The Bulgari Two-Stone Diamond Ring has several claims to fame. Firstly, it is an original of the Bulgari collection, created in 1972. It also has two unusual triangular diamonds – one, a beautiful blue diamond weighing 10.95 carats, and the other, a clear stone weighing 9.87 carats. It is another master piece that comes with a genuine report from the Gemmological Institute of America verifying the colour, clarity and flawlessness of the two diamonds to be of the highest quality. An Asian collector took home the piece at $15.7 million making it one of the world’s most valuable rings.

Bulgari two Stone Diamond Ring by Angelique's Jewellers.

We hope you enjoyed this little bit of escapism as much as we did.

Although we cannot offer you the Briolette or the Bulgari.....

we do have a beautiful selection of jewellery on our website...

and even more available in store.


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